Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the creative flow

I picture her like a nearby waterfall. One that has always been there. Her source never dries. Her supporting rocks never wash away. Her destination doesn't matter. As long as she flows.

From the beginning of time, those who have a need to create have gone to her. From her waters, they drink. For inspiration. For direction. For provocation of thought. For completion of great works, or perhaps of fanciful ideas.

Sometimes Nature, or perhaps even God, places barriers in the way to reaching her. Those of us who were born to create go days, weeks, months, even years through sometimes long, vast, painful dry spells when we cannot tap into the creative flow.

Other times, we drink. We guzzle, thirstily, and produce and produce and produce, joyfully able once more. Nothing can keep us away from her, times like these.

No matter where we are, the creative flow is always there. Near. Waiting for whomever may come, whomever is able. Her source must be the greatest Creator of all, for without Him, none would be able to create anything. And, of course, she recycles. For nothing is new under the sun.

I offer praise and thanksgiving to my God for this creative flow, which makes my life fuller and more richly blessed. May each of you who reads have opportunity to drink as well, in your time.



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I hear what your screamin!!! :-) Very nicely put C.