Sunday, January 9, 2011

decades, or 17-27-37

Seventeen. August, 1991.
The week I met Rob and we first sang/performed
together at a University Christian Student Center
Hamburger Supper at Tennessee Tech.
Man, I was blonde.

Twenty-Seven. May, 2001.
With my third child, Abbie. The year I arranged with Keith Lancaster
and the first year I had an arrangement published/recorded for/by The ZOE Group.
What a tired smile.

Thirty-Seven. January, 2011.

Teaching piano and voice in full swing at Madison Academy
and at New Song School of Fine Arts, Madison and Hampton Cove, so far.
Arranging music for our church, The Light. And others that ask.
Just cowrote a new song with Michael Lusk. This morning,
during Sunday School. (I'm bad about that.)
I know, we were in different cities ... he wrote his part another day, emailed it.
I did my part this morning, Rob fixed and emailed it.
Still needs tweaking. Great joy in the writing, though!

Parenting. Four VERy. DIFFerent. Children. Together with Rob.
By far the biggest challenge of all.

And the very beingness of marriedness itself. Easier, now. More of a joy than ever, now.
Entering a good season, we think. Ever prayerful...
Ever hopeful.
God is ALL OVER IT!!!!!! All of it.

It's snowing, everyone!!!
Stay warm!


Donna G said...

Good memories....hang on the next 10 years will FLY BY!!!

Clarissa said...

I can always count on Donna for a comment! Wonder if I'll be a grandmother in 10 years. Julianne will be 23. I was 23 when she was born. Crazy to think of. :-)