Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Since my last post, in February, much has transpired. Songs have been written. Prayers have been said. Decisions have been made. Songs have been written. Prayers have been said. Jobs have been sought. Songs have been written. Prayers have been said. Children have been consulted. Songs have been written. Prayers have been said. Schools have been discussed. Songs have been written. Prayers have been said. Job offers have been put on the table.

You're probably getting the idea on the songs and the prayers, so just assume they continue, okay? Job offers have been pondered and wrestled through, options weighed. A position has been accepted. Rob began his newest position at Deloitte as infrastructure architect yesterday. What that entails is quite beyond me. I am just very, very thankful that he knows how to do it. Someone has to pay for the upkeep of all these children (uh, and me.)

Neighborhoods have been viewed. Routes have been driven. Houses have been shown. A home has been chosen. We are all moving at the end of next week to join Rob. We are moving into a beautiful house and are very excited about it -- perhaps I will post pictures after we get settled.

All those songs? I've written at least fifty since Christmas. Yep, you read that right. Some are still in process, but they count. The floodgates have opened, and there is no sign of them closing. I'm not saying they're all good. But some of them are. I'm practicing. Learning, I hope. I have four other songwriters planning to write together with me, too, mostly on worship music. But I'm writing all kinds of things. Worship music. Love songs. Country songs. Inspirational songs. Blues songs. Rock songs (Well, Rob calls at least one of them "Hair Band". Soft Metal, perhaps?) Instrumentals of all musical styles. It has been suggested to me that I should write musicals, too. Have several songs written for one already, really, based on Acts. I have NO idea what, if anything, will happen with any of that. But I feel a calling to do it, so I'm doing it, writing whatever I feel like writing. And I'm going to be in the best place around TO do it.

The children? The older ones are excited about the move. The younger ones are not quite as confident about it, because they don't remember much about living in Nashville. Chloe, nothing at all, as she was only 2 when we left. But they have all enjoyed visiting Otter Creek Church recently as we've been preparing to return, and we expect that connection will help their transition to go pretty smoothly. Abbie does still remember several friends from Otter Creek, so that is a help. And of course, Joey and Julianne remember many people.

Well, it is riDICulously late. Rob will see this and shake his head. He forgot to encourage me to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. ;-)

I leave you with John 6:44, "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day."

Has He drawn you yet? Listen for His voice...


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the creative flow

I picture her like a nearby waterfall. One that has always been there. Her source never dries. Her supporting rocks never wash away. Her destination doesn't matter. As long as she flows.

From the beginning of time, those who have a need to create have gone to her. From her waters, they drink. For inspiration. For direction. For provocation of thought. For completion of great works, or perhaps of fanciful ideas.

Sometimes Nature, or perhaps even God, places barriers in the way to reaching her. Those of us who were born to create go days, weeks, months, even years through sometimes long, vast, painful dry spells when we cannot tap into the creative flow.

Other times, we drink. We guzzle, thirstily, and produce and produce and produce, joyfully able once more. Nothing can keep us away from her, times like these.

No matter where we are, the creative flow is always there. Near. Waiting for whomever may come, whomever is able. Her source must be the greatest Creator of all, for without Him, none would be able to create anything. And, of course, she recycles. For nothing is new under the sun.

I offer praise and thanksgiving to my God for this creative flow, which makes my life fuller and more richly blessed. May each of you who reads have opportunity to drink as well, in your time.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

decades, or 17-27-37

Seventeen. August, 1991.
The week I met Rob and we first sang/performed
together at a University Christian Student Center
Hamburger Supper at Tennessee Tech.
Man, I was blonde.

Twenty-Seven. May, 2001.
With my third child, Abbie. The year I arranged with Keith Lancaster
and the first year I had an arrangement published/recorded for/by The ZOE Group.
What a tired smile.

Thirty-Seven. January, 2011.

Teaching piano and voice in full swing at Madison Academy
and at New Song School of Fine Arts, Madison and Hampton Cove, so far.
Arranging music for our church, The Light. And others that ask.
Just cowrote a new song with Michael Lusk. This morning,
during Sunday School. (I'm bad about that.)
I know, we were in different cities ... he wrote his part another day, emailed it.
I did my part this morning, Rob fixed and emailed it.
Still needs tweaking. Great joy in the writing, though!

Parenting. Four VERy. DIFFerent. Children. Together with Rob.
By far the biggest challenge of all.

And the very beingness of marriedness itself. Easier, now. More of a joy than ever, now.
Entering a good season, we think. Ever prayerful...
Ever hopeful.
God is ALL OVER IT!!!!!! All of it.

It's snowing, everyone!!!
Stay warm!