Monday, November 15, 2010

I am alone in the house for a little while this morning. I always enjoy my quiet time between sending kids off to school and the time when I go off to teach lessons. Well, I send three of them off -- Joey, Abbie, and Chloe ride the bus to Mill Creek. Julianne refuses to ride the bus to Liberty so I drive her. And that's fine. If I needed her to ride the bus for some reason she would. Our days begin a little earlier now than they had to last year when the kids were still at Madison Academy -- we could almost get away with waiting until 7:00 to get up then. Now I wake up the younger three at around 6:00, for they go out to catch the bus at 7:00. School starts at 7:40. And at 8:05 for Julianne. Of course, I remember the days when school started at 7:00 for me, in high school ... and A.P. club began at 6:15 ... perish the thought. Bless Joey Davenport's heart for coming to pick me up for A.P. club so many times.

The kids have pretty much adjusted to their new schools, now. Julianne is having several new friends over for a birthday sleepover this Friday night after a Fall Dance at school. Abbie has had movie outings with new friends, and a sleepover. Joey had some friends over for a movie outing and a sleepover for his birthday. Chloe went to a birthday party for a new friend, and we are going to see her grade perform at a PTA program this evening, so we'll get to meet parents and friends. It's really good to get to know people who live around us.

The children are especially interested in the spirituality of the new people they have come into contact with -- I hear about it the most from Abbie and Chloe. They'll tell me who believes in God and who doesn't. It's been challenging to try to teach them how to approach people, and not to be pushy about their faith, but just to befriend people and, without words, simply demonstrate to them how God-followers live, rather than saying, "THIS is what YOU should do." That's a good way to turn people off, and sometimes for good ... I know I probably did that myself in elementary and middle school sometimes. I'm trying to encourage them to build friendships first, and trust, and that spiritual discussions can come a little later. I'm prayerful about their mission-minded hearts.

Well, my time is almost up for this morning. Off I go to teach the wonders of quarter notes, eighth notes, dynamics, pedaling, and so many other things that I myself take for granted. It's a hard job for me to break it down sometimes.

Blessings ...

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