Friday, May 1, 2009

Washington trip; music; more

Julianne and I got back home last Saturday night from a long-awaited week in Williamsburg and Washington, D.C. with over 50 fifth graders and their parents. It was a great learning experience, and a lot of history to take in in a relatively short time. The trip was led by "Sarge" Marge Smith (a self-proclaimed title.) And some of the attendees claimed they believed they had joined the army! Margie has more energy in her little finger than I have in my whole body, and she graduated from college with my father, to give you an indication of the disparity in our ages. She is a great tour guide, and has been leading this trip for over 20 years, to my understanding. I hope to take Joey on it next year.

The best thing about the trip, though it was all good, was getting to spend precious alone time with Julianne. I so rarely get that with any of my children, and I treasure it when I do get it. She is a joy.


April was so busy for us all that I did not work on any music at all until just this week, though I had several requests to. I am getting into the groove now, though. I am arranging another song for Jennifer Davis in Oregon, someone I've enjoyed arranging several original songs for in the past. Right behind her is a great-sounding original from Michael Lusk -- if you know my work, you may have seen his name. And then Joshua Stump, another Oregon friend, has a fresh new song for me to work on.

In the meantime Murray Sanderson and Jon Owen have both contacted me about arranging and the timing just hasn't worked out ... but hopefully we will get it together soon.


Summer looms ahead ... time marches on ... children grow faster than I can turn around. Thanks be to God for their goodness and sweetness. I love my babies. Though they all argue with me now if they hear any such talk come out of my mouth that they are NOT babies. *sigh*


I have been involved in a Priscilla Shirer Bible study this spring about discerning God's will. It has been very good in helping me remember to be focused in my prayer life, and in helping my faith that God will take care of me. Oh, I struggle with doubts some days, who doesn't? But I keep praying. It is such an encouraging thing to do.

Blessings ...