Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chloe; Bible Bowl

My sweet girl, Chloe, had her tonsils and adenoids removed last Monday. I cried, though I knew she was covered in prayer. And she came through it just fine. It only took the surgeon about 20-30 minutes to do the procedure. She and I had a long week with her staying at home, not feeling well, eating hardly anything, doing hardly anything. She lost a couple of pounds. She is eating more normally as of yesterday, though, finally, bless her heart.

Chloe and Joey were away from the rest of us on Friday through early Sunday morning -- they spent that time with first Grandmommy, then Nana and Papa, all of whom we are very thankful for. Rob and I, along with Julianne and Abbie, went to Nashville for the annual Bible Bowl competition, part of the Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes convention held every Easter weekend at the Opryland Hotel. (We all think Leaderettes is a very bizarre word.) Twickenham, our church, took three teams to compete in the Bible Bowl, totaling 12 children. To put that in perspective, there were over 1000 children there competing in Bible Bowl, which was about the book of Joshua.

All three of Twickenham's teams won first place in their divisions -- Abbie, who is in 2nd grade, participated on the 3rd-4th grade team. Julianne, who is in the 5th grade, participated on the 11th -12th grade team! (One of the team members was in 12th, so they had to go with that age group, I guess.) And both of their teams got first place. Also, leading up to the convention each girl took a test on the subject material from the book of Joshua. Each of them received a trophy for being high scorers in their age group on the test (Abbie, for 2nd grade, Julianne, for 5th grade.) We are very proud of them both. But mostly we are glad for all they have learned.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

new niece!!

Our new niece, Elizabeth Hensley Hunter, just arrived a moment ago.

7 pounds, 6 ounces ... 20 inches long. She has a little bit of black hair, it was reported to me. Rob and I can't wait to go see her, and we will in just a little while.

Her middle name, Hensley, is the maiden name of her late grandmother, Katie Hunter. And I love the name Elizabeth -- it is our Abbie's middle name.

I believe all are well ... but how big sister Sarah (age 3) reacts will likely be an ongoing saga!

I hope your day is blessing-filled, as is ours.