Saturday, March 28, 2009


I am going on a date with my husband tonight. :-)


Tuesday is my last day to teach piano. We have decided for me to focus more on songwriting and arranging -- and have more time for my family. My schedule has been crazy, with lessons scattered here and there, chopping up every day of the week into several pieces, running back and forth to school, although in total I've only been working about 14 hours a week. I'm glad I'll have a more family-friendly schedule now.


This Thursday Rob's sister, Amy, goes into the hospital to have her baby...pray for Amy and baby Libby that all will go well!


Friday Abbie gets her cast off. Already! That flew by.


Friday is also Rob's birthday! I like it when he has a birthday because it makes me THREE years younger than he is instead of just two. :-) He's my older man.


In just over a week, Chloe will have her tonsils and adenoids removed.


In two weeks we will be at the Lads to Leaders Convention at the Opryland Hotel. Julianne and Abbie have been preparing for the Bible Bowl competition for months.


In three weeks Julianne and I, along with the rest of Madison Academy's fifth grade, will depart for a big trip to Washington, D.C. and Williamsburg.


There's a lot coming up in my world! I hope things are going well in yours.

Monday, March 16, 2009

color coordination

Something I decided a very long time ago is that, when it comes to my children, color-coordination just is not of importance in regards to their dress. Once they are old enough to dress themselves, if they can just get themselves decently covered, that is the main thing. Now, there have been times when it was painful for me to allow them to stay in the clothes they have chosen.
Today was just almost that way. Almost. But Chloe is soooo joy-filled that you just can't get too concerned with the child's clothes.

Even if she is wearing bright red tights.

With brown and pink shoes.

And a turquoise, mint-green, and lavender skirt.

With a pepto-bismol pink "Giselle" shirt (from the movie "Enchanted").

Oh, and I mustn't forget the wide plastic red headband with the bow on it which is fastened in the middle with a picture of a Disney Princess (I think it is Snow White). The headband must be to match the red tights.

And she has on a multi-colored Dora barrette on one side of her head, with a corresponding multicolored Boots barrette on the other side of her head.

And she looks beautiful.


May you enjoy all the colors your world has to offer today.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

cumberland creek

Cumberland Creek Music, L.L.C. as it was known to us does not exist anymore. Has not existed, in fact, since 2007. It was more expense and hassle than it was worth to have an L.L.C. so we reverted to a sole proprietorship for my published music to handle royalties.

The State of Tennessee has been made aware of this. On multiple occasions. The state in which we have not lived since 2006. Yet here it is, March of 2009. And in the mail, addressed to our Alabama address, come tax papers for Cumberland Creek Music, L.L.C. today. Truly the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. So I know how some of my time will be spent tomorrow. On the phone. Trying to reach someone. Anyone. Who has a clue. And we'll probably have to end up sending all the exact same paperwork we had to send LAST year when this happened. In fact, I, at this particular moment in time, gloomily foresee having to dig out those same papers every March for the rest of my life, and my children having to do the same thing after I am dead, and their children after them. (So the drama.)


I love my Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. I'm sorry, Mother, I know it has caffeine. I have started interweaving it with one or two Diet Caffeine Free Pepsis daily, see, that's a good girl ... even WATER on really good days ...


Joey just finished a report on The Great Depression "for extra credit if I don't want to have a B on my report card." He didn't want to have a B. Bless. Stayed up past his bedtime working on it.


Abbie is adjusting well to her cast. So far she has only stuck one foreign object into it to try to scratch the itching. (Ooh, Rob got after her for that!!) :-)


Chloe is 47 inches tall and weighs 44 pounds. I had to check for her pre-admission papers for the hospital. That's less than a pound an inch. If I weighed less than a pound an inch I'd be under 66 pounds. (No danger of that!!)


Julianne volunteered to babysit her siblings for a week. What do you think? She is eleven, after all... :-)


Rob is watching The Matrix (Reloaded, I think?) and eating popcorn. Life is good.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

accolades; Abbie's arm; adenoids

First of all ... I must write about my daughter, Julianne; last night was one of those hallmark nights in her life and I wanted to share it here. Madison Academy puts on a musical variety show every March, and this has come to be a regular event in our family's life. This was Julianne's third year to perform in the show, which is called MusicMAnia. (The show t-shirt this year reads "Mania is good." If you know me you'll probably know that cracks me up!!)

This year the show was a little different. For the first time elementary students were chosen to M.C. their own show. Julianne was one of the four chosen -- two boys and two girls. In the picture you can see her going over her lines diligently during the dress rehearsal. To her left is Jack West, a fellow M.C., whose vest and tie were matched to her dress.

Now, you know I am a proud mother. That's a given. But I have also seen many performances in my life, and I know when they are good and when they are not (unless I am doing a show myself. Then I never can tell.) Julianne was good. She did not receive her lines until the day before the show. The children were all allowed to carry 5x8 cue cards with their lines on them during the show, but Julianne only even took hers onstage with her one time, though she was out there, oh, I didn't count, but I believe it was at least a dozen times. And she delivered her lines comfortably, as though she had thought of them herself and were just speaking to the crowd like they were all sitting around her. And there was a crowd of a few hundred people. I'm not sure of the exact number, but it was a pretty full house.

Then there was her song. She was flawless, heartfelt, beautiful. She sang Taylor Swift's "Love Story." She let loose like I have never seen her do before, getting the audience to clapping, moving to the music, melting our was all I could do not to cry when she was singing about the Romeo singing to her, his Juliet (Julianne?), "Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone..." But that girl maintained her composure beautifully all the way through to the words at the end, "We were both young when I first saw you ..." It was such a heartfelt performance, and done so well, in fact, that we are wondering who the guy could you sing that, and that way, if not to/about someone? and the child is only eleven. Eleven. We will get a DVD of the performance several weeks from now...I may just have to post her performance for you. I just grinned through the whole thing.
Yesterday wasn't all sunshine and roses. I got a phone call from the school office at about 9:45 in the morning, saying my Abbie had fallen on the way to P.E. and "hurt" her arm. Her knee actually looked much the worse for wear, but I knew when I got there that her arm was broken, because she was holding it with the other arm protectively, she hadn't stopped crying since she had fallen, and she wouldn't move the injured arm. I have a little bit of experience with broken arms by now. Joey's broken arms three times, and this is Abbie's second time.
So that made yesterday quite eventful and complicated, getting Abbie to the Imaging center, then taking care of her and getting my mother to come stay with her so I could get to the dress rehearsal for MAnia where I was supposed to be, then getting Rob to take Abbie to the late afternoon orthopedist appointment because we didn't know how late it would run and he wanted to be sure I was with Julianne at the beginning of performance time if she needed me. Yesterday was definitely migraine material, and my head willingly complied. I so wanted to be with Abbie AND with Julianne, but Rob made the decision for me, and it all worked out okay, but my head just couldn't be satisfied, I guess. I ended up in the bed for two hours between rehearsal and the show. But all's well that ends well.
Abbie's still hurting some, but today her knee is hurting a lot more than her arm (thanks to the stability of the cast.) So I've doctored her leg some today. Bless her little heart. There are so many things that are hard to do when one of your arms/hands is basically non-functional. Thankfully there is only one week of school left until Spring Break...hopefully she will have the hang of things by the end of Spring Break.
We found out this week that Chloe will have to have her adenoids and tonsils removed. She has been in speech therapy for the last month or so, and they have discovered some issues that led them to recommend we have her evaluated by an ENT; that led to the discovery of her "really big tonsils," as she describes them to everyone she meets. I didn't get to go to that appointment with her, but I assume that is how the ENT described them as well.
So with my B12, Chloe's tonsils and adenoids, and Abbie's arm, it has been a big week in the Cox household, medically. We are so blessed to have good insurance coverage.
Well, I suppose this post is long enough. Blessings to all who read...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

east to west

IF you lurk here regularly, you may have noticed my newest feature -- playlist. I have some songs I like on there. Now, it doesn't even begin to touch the surface of the songs or even the genres of music that I enjoy. But it's probably the sort of stuff I listen to the most often.

There is one song I have on that list that is really speaking to my soul lately. I will post the words here for you in case you don't have a chance or the inclination to sit and listen to them, for they are very good and encouraging for those of us (read:all) who are sinners. Forgiven sinners.

They are based on this verse, which I just now noticed I have at one point or another marked in the Bible I'm referencing -- it means a great deal to me.

Psalm 103:12 --

"As far as the east is from the west
So far He has removed our transgressions from us."

East To West by Casting Crowns

Here I am Lord and I'm drowning
In your sea of forgetfulness
The chains of yesterday surround me
I yearn for peace and rest
I don't want to end up where you found me
And it echoes in my mind
Keeps me awake tonight

I know you've cast my sins as far
As the East is from the West
And I stand before you now
As though I've never sinned but today
I feel like I'm just one mistake away
From you leaving me this way

Jesus can you show me
Just how far the East is from the West
Cause I can't bear to see the man I've been
Come rising up in me again
In the arms of your mercy I find rest
Cause you know just how far the East is from the West
From one scarred hand to the other

I start the day the war begins
Endless reminding of my sin
Time and time again
Your Truth is drowned out by the storm I'm in
Today I feel like I'm just one mistake away
From you leaving me this way

Jesus can you show me
Just how far the East is from the West
Cause I can't bear to see the man I've been
Come rising up in me again
In the arms of your mercy I find rest
Cause you know just how far the East is from the West
From one scarred hand to the other

I know you've washed me white
Turned my darkness into light
I need your peace to get me through
To get me through this night
I can't live by what I feel
But by the truth your word reveals
I'm not holding on to you
But you're holding on to me
You're holding on to me

Jesus, you know just how far
The East is from the West
I don't have to see the man I've been
Come rising up in me again
In the arms of your mercy I find rest
(The arms of your mercy I find rest)
Cause you know just how far the East is from the West
From one scarred hand to the other(x2)

(Just how far, the East is from the West) (x3)

From one scarred hand to the other

Copyright 2007

Sunday, March 1, 2009

b words

Basketball season is over for our children as of yesterday. Julianne, Joey, and Abbie all played this winter through our local Upward Basketball program. There were good days, and bad days, but overall I think they enjoyed it, and they each built their skills tremendously through these months thanks to some good coaches and a daddy who likes to play basketball with them, too. We have all attended the games together as a family and cheered each child on, though several times Julianne and Abbie were scheduled to play at the same time, so Rob and I had to take turns watching them. The grandparents have come out for some games as well. There is an awards ceremony for them this week ... the Mayfair Church of Christ, which hosts the league, really does it up big. They do a great job.


Budgeting has been a big project for Rob and I these last couple of weeks, as we are in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. We've always had a general cash-flow plan going, but never a zero-based budget, so it's been challenging. We're both burgeoning with ideas about how to spend and save and be thrifty. None too soon, either.


B12 is my latest best friend. It was discovered earlier this year that I have been suffering from a vitamin B12 deficiency for quite some time. Minor thyroid deficiency, but major B12 problem. So I started getting B12 shots in January... apparently the vitamin won't absorb properly through my eating foods that contain it or taking vitamin supplements. The doctor has tried to taper me down to once a month on the shots, but right now I am at 3 weeks since my last shot and I feel horrible!!! Unbelievable fatigue. That's how I've been for the last couple of years...I just didn't know why. Well, now we can see how bad it really was, because I have felt so good since getting the shots, and now I feel bad again. Tomorrow morning I will go to the doctor and BEG for another shot. I never thought I would beg for any kind of a shot.

You know how you feel like you are walking in slow motion when you walk in a swimming pool? Imagine that feeling. Now, imagine walking through a pool of wet concrete. That is how I feel. Every movement is such an effort. It's a real bummer. But I have hope that the doctor will be glad to help me to feel better.


I had another b word in mind but I have forgotten it. My brain is working slowly, too. Feel free to share your b words. I love words.