Monday, July 28, 2008

a mother's summer ending

The music of Suzy Bogguss is wafting in from Rob's office to mine this night. I hear him tapping some as he thinks and works -- working for his company on the side, Concresco Consulting, which he began in order to do software design on his own. That's his real joy and desire, to work for himself. It's taking time, as all good things do.

I am sorrowful that I am thankful that summer is almost over. The lack of routine, which can only be blamed on me, has not been good for any of us. We're getting on each other's nerves. There are nice moments, like today when we "met Daddy for lunch." That was a treat. Mostly, however, they've grown up and grown a little further away from being my babies.

Joey looks at me resignedly when I come to him with a kiss good-night, and he wipes it off when I walk away. When I tell him I love him, he merely says, "Ditto." Every now and then he'll hug me, but there's so little to hug -- who IS this long, spindly child, all arms and legs? Surely not the same one that was once my roly-poly 9 lb. 5 oz. baby boy with fat rolls to hold onto.

Abbie and Julianne are both rather pensive and moody by times. I think they just miss their friends. They were both very excited last week when the school lists were posted and they found out who would be in class with them -- it was nice to see them excited like that. Julianne and I had a nice time shopping tonight, too -- she needed a summer reading book (I know, I know). When we got it she said, "It's only 133 pages!" That's my girl. She'll read it in a night.

Joey, on the other hand, is not too interested in wrapping up Sarah, Plain And Tall. He has to read 2 chapters a day or so to finish. That will make life even more fun for me, I'm sure. Chloe is just generally happy and pleasant when she's not being whiny and demanding. Juxtaposition personified. Summer for disorganized mothers. That's my life!

I just finished arranging a song, "The Lord Reigns", for a church in Texas. I've also done three arrangements recently for my home church, plus one for ZOE which they have put on the back burner, maybe they'll use it next year. It will have to be changed in some places -- I think I got a little carried away! I've been enjoying arranging again -- I hadn't done any since last summer until the last month or so.

I'm preparing to teach piano lessons at Madison Academy beginning this fall semester. I'll do some here and there during the days when the music teacher is out of her room and some during the afterschool program. I'll also keep one afternoon of teaching at home for my non-MA students, hopefully that will be enough. It hasn't even been officially announced that I'm teaching at school, but I've already got 9 people who've heard about it some way or another who've called me or let me know they were interested. I just hope we have enough time to accommodate all those who want lessons! I suppose there will be a waiting list, if not. Or I'll be referring people to other teachers/studios with which I'm familiar.

Something in the laundry smells. Don't you hate it when that happens? I don't know which stack it is in, either, so I'll just have to keep washing until I don't smell it anymore. It may be a late night. I don't want that smell in here tomorrow. I didn't know it was here until we were gone running errands and to lunch and more errands for a few hours, then came home. It was pretty strong. I am now inspired to go light a candle.