Thursday, June 19, 2008

early morning, so many thoughts

I sit here in this quiet house, well aware that it will not be quiet for long. As my grandfather says at holiday gatherings each time one of his children arrives, I'm beginning to say myself, "Another country heard from!" when one of mine appears each morning. The expression is so apropos. They are each like countries unto themselves -- alike in a few ways, but so widely varied in their personalities. Their grandfather comments, including my niece, "How did I get five grandchildren with such different personalities?"

Our God is the Creator of creativity! What fun he must have had saying he would make Julianne be my brother made over (at least in her firstborn perfectionist angst) while Joey plays the class clown like my Uncle Calvin must have done, yet letting them be the best of friends? Unless they're cleaning the kitchen, of course. Then Julianne is mad at everyone because no one wants to help.

What was he thinking when he made sweet, emotional, yet so very bossy Abbie? What goals does he have in mind for her with her gentle yet controlling spirit? it is a fascinating combination. Will Chloe always be young at heart, or is she just savoring the role of being the baby as long as she can? Or is she jealous of baby cousin Sarah, so she acts more babyish to encroach on Sarah's attention territory?

It will be interesting to watch them grow up if they don't kill each other first.


Papa Bob, my father-in-law, whom you know if you have been reading along this year, has progressed rapidly over the last month or two, and I would be remiss if I did not mention how incredibly he is doing now. We've had a couple of emotional times, at least for me! that I have not yet written about.

One was Mother's Day. We spent that with the greater Cox family this year, spending time with my mother the night before. We ate lunch at Amy's house (Rob's sister), and, standing, Bob led us all in prayer. By the time he was finished I was in tears, and they're all asking me what is wrong. Well, nothing was wrong! :-) Everything was right. Ginny said, now, I'm the one that's supposed to do that. Don't get me started! as she teared up. It was just the first time we'd all been together like that to share a meal and pray together and have Bob standing, even if it was on a crutch, since Christmas -- and since the accident.

God does answer prayers. Not always the way we want -- but in this case He did. He spared the use of Bob's hip, leg, and foot; and praise His name, He spared Bob's life.

Now? Bob Cox is walking without ANY kind of help, thank you very much! He still has a slight limp, but thrilled us all a few weeks back (and thrilled himself by showing us!) when he said to watch, and he rose out of his chair and walked unassisted. Praise GOD!!


Several others known to us are dealing with the loss of friends and family members right now, so we are especially mindful of the fragility of life and the graciousness of God in our circumstances. We don't know, and of course may never know, how or why he allows or chooses the events that occur in this world. What keeps me going is a faith in a grander design that I may never see or understand fully -- maybe I'm part of a corner or side piece of it somewhere, or an obscure mid piece. All I need be concerned with is doing the best I can and trusting that He will NOT abandon me, as a new friend and I were discussing just last night. Faith -- the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, isn't that right?


God bless your day.