Wednesday, May 28, 2008

school's out for summer

So the little ones have been out of school for almost a week. I almost laugh when I say little ... almost ... for while Chloe is still head & shoulders below the growing-at-phenomenal-rates Abbie, she is a only a few inches shorter than Joey, who is only an inch or so behind Julianne, who reaches my shoulder! What do they mean, getting all tall like that?!? Honestly.

With the end of the school year come awards. I will not go into detail about how well my children did, just that they did as well as I expected they would and I am proud of each of them. There is one thing I don't understand, though -- never have. I remember this same exact sort of thing from my own childhood. When one child excels, why must another cut him/her down? I just don't understand. I suppose you see it in adults for varying reasons, too ... but jealousy is an ugly thing. On the flip side, so is pride. Anyway.

Creative juices have been flowing lately. I feel like writing, but am not staying up 'til all hours to do it. Sometimes I awaken and if I can't go to sleep after 30 minutes or so I give up and get up and go to the manuscript paper with a perfectly sharpened pencil ... not needle-sharp, nor dull ... just close to sharp. A good eraser, too. I would go to Finale, but my computer is in our bedroom and Rob would not appreciate my sleep interruption interrupting his, too, you know?

Sometimes I write in the middle of the day. Sometimes I take an old song of mine (I started songwriting 13 years ago and recently gathered them all into one place) and attempt to complete it or work on it or love on it a bit.

Piano lessons are going well. I have 2 new students who will begin in about 6 weeks after traveling abroad. I started with a new student today. With the commencing of school in August, I anticipate an onslaught of students. (Many don't want to begin something new in the summer.)

My God and I? We're going over the Beatitudes this week. I forgot until today that I'd committed to go over them every day this week, so I'll do it twice a day for the rest of the week! Plus read the Sermon on the Mount. Rob is teaching a class on this topic as we study it churchwide. This will help me not sound like an idiot in the class, maybe? I always have such random comments that sound like they end with question marks? You know?


More some other day when these children are [hopefully] NOT penned up inside yelling like banshees and accusing each other to me every 3 seconds or so. Where's a good Bill Cosby record when you need it?