Friday, April 25, 2008

If ya'd like to know ...

I am ready to begin teaching piano again! I already have five students set to begin next week. If you're 'round these here parts and would like your child to learn a little something about music from me, send her -- or him! -- my way. I am getting excited about all the little books and all the little hands exploring the piano keyboard; I'm also willing to take on some who are a little more advanced if anyone needs me!

The house has been on the market for less than two weeks, but it doesn't take long to get anxious, does it? Basically it is the feeling that you're never ready and someone will knock on the door at any time. Yikes. Better get busy. Blessings on your day!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

So, 9 more days have passed

And life continues. Birthday parties, house showings (or scheduled ones that never occur -- argh, the frustration), open houses, time with family, friends, neighbors, church family. Time spent working and playing and cleaning and sharing and loving and bringing fights to a halt. The time of my life, or so many say!

I have a few things on my mind, and one is teaching my children how to handle themselves when they are around people whose belief system is, if not radically, at least somewhat different than theirs. An incident came up recently that brought this to mind, and my child handled it very well and with maturity beyond expectation. I remember so many times handling similar issues so poorly myself. I'm glad when they outdo me, yet surprised. :-) If you really know me you'll understand that I mean that in the best possible way.

Sorry that sounds so random and wandering and generic, but I don't want to embarrass anyone. The topic in general is just something to be prepared for, and there is no way to prepare for every possible specific instance of differences in beliefs.

The other thing is the sermon this morning. The word "convicted" just makes a lot of sense today. Almost everything said seemed to be just for my ears, though it was not specific to my situation in life more than anyone else's. Just simple truths! Work! Do your best at everything you do for the admiration of people so that you can give glory to God! I just haven't had that focus in a long time. If you are good at something, you need to work in that area. (If it can't support you, then do it on the side, but don't waste it.) If you LOVE to do something, WORK at it and develop your skills -- become the best you can.

Just a much-needed refresher for this oft-weary soul.

Friday, April 11, 2008

for Melissa Royster ...

... who apparently doesn't realize that we could easily grab lunch or share a phone call. No, I must blog whimsically for her to make her life complete. Just for you, babe.

Yes, I am up at 5:30 in the morning. Don't die of shock -- neither shall you scold me, if you please -- (Rob, Mother, Ginny.) I mean, most mothers are probably up at that time every day anyway. I learned long ago that I am not most mothers, bless the poor dears. And I would awaken like this when there is no school today!!!!!!!! Only I. April 11th was set aside as a weather day; it was never used. So no school! And it's supposed to rain all day !!!
W h o o p e e ! ! ! (Only a tiny bit of sarcasm there. Not really detectable, is it?) I do love the poor dears. The sibling issues are not at a good place right now, though, and we have sooooo much to do to get our house show-ready, and I refuse to yell over the din to get attention -- not good for the ol' voice, don'tcha know! I just go stare at them. That will put the fear of the Lord into anyone.

You heard me. We're getting our house show-ready. I mean, hey, we are Coxes. We've lived in this house almost two years. It's time to move. And who else's house is show-ready? Well, some other Coxes I've been writing about! And who are the lucky ones who get to move but don't have to fool with showing their house because we want it? David and Amy (Cox) Hunter.

Let's just call it "Fruit Basket Turnover". We all have our eyes on the next place, each looking toward a more suitable place for our current needs. Bob and Ginny have been in a rambling 2-story -- they don't even go upstairs unless Sarah comes over, really. A one-level will be easier for a variety of reasons now.

Amy & David need fewer rooms, but want larger rooms. She's a realtor, and he flips houses, and I think they already know which house they'd love. Rob and I would greatly benefit from more rooms and a little more space. This would add a playroom (5th bedroom, when they're older,) a 3rd full bath, and a formal living room (would be Rob's office.) I'd get my dining room back! (Has been Rob's office here.) Plus Bob built it -- Rob has always wanted to live in one of his dad's homes. It is beautiful. I'd post pics, but they're on my computer and Rob's asleep in there and he's a total bear when awakened unecessarily. Maybe later today.

Earlier this month Rob and I took Julianne and Joey to Nashville's Lads to Leaders Convention for the first time. We thought it was just "Bible Bowl" but it was L 2 L. They have a ton of other "competitions," some of them really great, and some strike me as just odd. But we weren't there much, and it was our first year. The kids loved it. Joey's team got first place in Bible Bowl competition. We were so proud of him! He stuck with it, though he would much rather have been outside playing most days. Julianne's team (she was on the 11TH and 12TH grade team, yes, she's in 4th grade) got 2nd place. Not bad for their first year.

I opened a savings account today. La, la la, la la, la la. (Yes, of COURSE it's joint, don'tcha know.)

Julianne sprained her wrist when she fell off of some neighbor kid's scooter. It stopped at a crack in the sidewalk. She did not. She caught herself with her palms -- left one was sprained. I was afraid it was cracked -- she held it just like Abbie last summer. But 'twasn't, thankfully.

I was looking through some pictures as I packed up stuff to take to Amy's empty storage building (tee-hee) and I found a photo of my father speaking at my high school baccalaureate service. I attended a public school with about 350 in my graduating class. Anyway; I don't remember at all. Probably because the Madrigals were performing and I had a solo or maybe a duet with Nanci (Long) Frey -- I don't remember.

It is so very hard to believe he is gone -- he has been gone. That the only one that will carry somewhat strong memories of him will be Julianne, and over the years those will be replaced with stories and pictures. She was not yet five. I know she is extremely intelligent (rather scarily so,) but time fades hurts away and only leaves a gentle, spice-laden scent of distant pleasantries in the far reaches of the mind. That's how it has been for me, anyway; all praise to God the Father for His faithfulness and everlasting love. He has my father now; He IS my father now, and He always WAS. Blessed be HIS name.

And He's left me with a wonderful father figure here. The day of Daddy's funeral, August 16th 2002, I told Bob through the first tears I'd cried, "I'm glad you're here." I didn't mean "here at the funeral," but "still here for us all, for my children, for me." He understood, he said he was glad he was there, too. He had just turned 55 the week before, bless his heart. My Daddy had turned 60 the week before.

Even so -- this man was NOT made to be a convalescent! LORD, PLEASE LET THE NEXT FOUR WEEKS PASS QUICKLY!! AMEN AND AMEN!! :-) Props to caregivers everywhere!
He is rapidly becoming more independent -- sometimes too much so, I fear! He finally got on the scale. I said, sternly, "Did you stand on that foot?!?" He said, no, I just stood on my left foot and had the walker in front of me in case I lost balance. He is down 20 pounds; I imagine it was more than that before he started eating well again.

I'll try to post pics of house and Rob's birthday and Lad's to Leader, etc...

Oh! And Rob had a Birthday. You won't beLIEVE all the candles -- or the depth of the dimple I caught in the picture as he blew them out -- ALL in one blow. What a man. :-)

Have a good day, Melissa ...

(Nuthin' but love fer ya, Bob, nuthin but love!!)